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How divorce can lead to racketeering

I recently had a case where the husband went to prison for racketeering. The wife and I were discussing the case, and she said something that really surprised me. She said that she didn’t know what racketeering was, but she thought it was related to divorce.

I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that divorce can be very contentious. And if you have ever been through a divorce, or know someone who has gone through one, you can attest to this fact. But for some reason, when we think about crime and criminals, we don’t connect it with divorce.

But why wouldn’t we? We all know that there are criminals out there who commit crimes because they need money or drugs, or because they have some other motivation in mind. There are also criminals out there who commit crimes just for fun — just because they enjoy doing it.

So why shouldn’t we believe that there are people who would commit crimes in order to get out of paying alimony? Or child support? Or attorneys fees? Or any other cost associated with divorce proceedings?

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