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When we look back at our lives and think about how things have changed, we tend to notice the big events. The first time you had a baby, the day your dad died, the day you got married.

But sometimes the biggest changes are not so obvious — they’re in the everyday things that have become more fluid than they used to be. And sexuality is one of those topics.

When I was growing up, sexuality was more fixed than it is now. It was assumed that people would fall into certain categories: gay or straight; male or female; masculine or feminine. And while many people did fit into such categories, there were also plenty who didn’t fit into any of them.

Today, there’s much more acceptance and understanding of people who don’t fit into those boxes — whether they’re transgender or intersex (born with ambiguous genitalia) or bisexual or lesbian or straight but attracted to both men and women. People with these identities can be open about them without being judged harshly for it — something that would have been unheard of just a few decades ago.

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